Bowerman Track Club UX Wireframe

Full wireframe for the Bowerman Track Club mobile site. While the navigation mirrors the desktop site, mobile users will spend more time checking workouts and utilizing the social media aspects of the site while “on the go”.

iphone bowerman home

full mobile wireframe

BTC ipad full mobile wireframe sketches

The desktop vesrion of the Bowerman Track Club is built on a easy to adapt four column template, so that it will reconfigure with just about any monitor size, since the user base is extremely diverse with regards to age and computer tech “savviness”. The home page utilizes a rotating gallery using CSS3 linking to the world class athletes that form the most visible members of the Bowerman Track Club.

Guidelines showing the four column layout of the Athletes section of the site. Without limitations on the vertical scrolling, the four columns have built in proportional gutters and spacing on 1/10 of the guideline widths for ease of reading, and keeping the layout visually attractive and functional at different sizes.

BTC home page

BTC athletes page guidelines