URJ Camp Newman Fall Camp shirt 2016

Given the opportunity to design a range of shirts for URJ’s Camp Newman in Santa Rosa (a summer sleep-away camp that has year round programming), starting with their Fall 2016 Camp shirt. I felt like Vivaldi, being allowed the opportunity to work with the seasons as an integral part of the identity.

I started to work on the fall shirt with pencil and paper, and decided on a fun, quirky, hand-lettered logo and leaf. I got immediate approval on one of the approach, and was able to go vector quickly with the chosen design.

From there, it was a matter of tweaking the color palette, and making sure the printer could properly reproduce the fade on the leaf. 

Once the design was finalized in Illustrator however, it was believed that there was just too much yellow, so we made one final tweak before sending the files off to print.

Since campers can hold on to their favorite shirts for years, I love to find a way to include little details that they may not notice the first time, but might find, upon inspection, sometime around the 10th, or 100th laundering. In this case, it’s the leaf acting as the comma in the camp motto.